Wound prevention and limb preservation- infinity and beyond

Mrs Juliet Scott1

1THS North-Primary Health, Launceston, Australia


Acute and chronic wounds are a major problem affecting a significant proportion of the population.  In Australia alone it is estimated that 433,000 people suffer from chronic wounds or non-healing surgical wounds at any one time, yet the true incidence is unknown. There is evidence of the increasing numbers of individuals with wounds that experience delayed healing due to demographic trends, for example underlying multisystem co-morbid conditions and their systemic effect on individuals e.g. Diabetes. The demand for wound related health care services is increasing. Chronic wounds are referred to as a ‘silent epidemic’ and it is considered that chronic wounds remain an under-recognised public health issue. It is estimated that chronic wounds alone cost the Australian health care system more than $2.85 billion per year, which equates to almost 2% of the national health care budget.

It has been suggested that clinician training, the lack of standard national data collection or minimum data set in relation to wounds, incomplete documentation, practice and quality of care impact the incidence of chronic wounds and is contributing to this conundrum.


This exciting new initiative involves the development of a collaborative sustainable program, incorporating a multidisciplinary approach and framework. It involves looking at formalised public awareness, avoidable hospitalisations, individual care and professional outreach. The program aims to increase workforce capacity for the Tasmanian Health Services (THS) North-Primary Health clinicians to assess and educate community members/clients to prevent common leg and feet issues and maintain healthy legs for life utilising a LEGS2FEET concept.


Juliet Scott is an endorsed Nurse Practitioner with a wealth of experience in the specialty of Wound Management , Dermatology and Lymphoedema management.  Is dedicated to improving wound outcomes through a commitment to ongoing professional development, ensuring clinical practice is evidence-based, patient-centered and outcomes focused, and translating this into everyday practice. Other interests are preventative and vascular health and chronic disease management.

Juliet is involved at both a state and national level on several working and reference groups in the development of guidelines and standards for Wound Management, has held executive positions at both a state and national level.