Taking a chance!

Erin McLeod1

1Tasmanian Health Service South, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia


What is it that you want for your colleagues and your profession and how can I make a difference? Ever asked yourself these questions, but really weren’t sure of what the answers were? You are not alone, I found myself reflecting on these concepts time and time again.

Being the recipient of the 2018 Florence Nightingale Awards Returned Sister Memorial Grant, afforded me the opportunity to explore, grow, be inspired and empowered to start answering these questions through the professional opportunity of a lifetime. I will be sharing the experience of how putting your self out there and taking a chance can lead to exciting new opportunities for our professions and self-development. Inspired by those that have come before us, I want you to walk away with not  a lot of unanswered questions, but with a focus on that can be me!


Erin is the Assistant Director of Nursing for Education in the Centre for Education and Research with the Tasmanian Health Service South. She has been a registered nurse for 19 years and during this time has held positions from graduate nurse through to Acting EDON. Her post graduate qualifications include a Master’s in clinical education and Post Graduate Certificate in Health Administration. Her professional interests are education, learning & development with a focus on leadership, best practice and empowering nurses and midwives to make change and innovate in practice. Working in a Practice Development framework, Erin works collaboratively and in solution focussed ways with teams, nurses & midwives with the aim of safe and quality care delivery.