Staff satisfaction with the RHH Subcutaneous Insulin Chart

Neroli Newlyn

Centre for Education and Research, Royal Hobart Hospital


Insulin is one of the most self-reported medication errors within the Tasmanian Health Service, Safety Learning and Reporting System (Health Round Table 2019) and due to the high risk nature of insulin and insulin prescribing, The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care developed a national insulin chart designed to incorporate best practice clinical guidelines to assist with accurate interpretation of Blood Glucose Levels(BGLs)  and subcutaneous insulin orders (Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care 2017, p.4).

In July 2019, an adapted version of this chart was implemented within the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH) and interim staff satisfaction has been measured in nurses and prescribers (n=34) who are using the RHH Subcutaneous Insulin Chart (SCIC). Results of the survey show a 70% increase in staff satisfaction since the chart was first implemented. Overall staff prefer that BGLs and insulin orders are on the one page and that BGL trends are now easier to see. There is also dissatisfaction with the chart as insulin orders are often incomplete and prescribers are now called more often.

This small survey shows that overall staff are satisfied with the RHH SCIC and that the chart is an improvement on previous documentation systems. However, incomplete insulin orders are of a concern and will need to be investigated further. A larger staff survey is planned for December and will coincide with a hospital wide chart audit.


Neroli Newlyn is a Nurse Practitioner in Diabetes working within Diabetes Education at the Royal Hobart Hospital. Her areas of interest include chronic and complex disease management, hospital avoidance programs and models of care which has seen her publish and present work both nationally and internationally.