Nurse practitioners transforming healthcare

Kerrie Duggan1

1Cygnet Family Practice Pty Ltd


Nurse Practitioners are focused on improving access to treatment, providing cost-effective care, and targeting at-risk populations including aged care and indigenous populations in remote and rural areas.  Educated at Masters level and found throughout Australia, Nurse Practitioners work as key health care providers in regional, remote, and metropolitan areas to perform advanced physical assessments, order diagnostic tests, initiate referrals to healthcare providers, prescribe medications and collaborate with other nurses and healthcare professionals to provide holistic care to patients.

The value of the Nurse Practitioner role in addressing service shortfalls and thereby improving the health care outcomes of Australians will be showcased by featuring presentations of successful, innovative NP led models of care.

Valuable information will be shared and discussed with registered nurses, managers and healthcare policy makers regarding the benefits of having Nurse Practitioners as part of their usual health care team, and the advantages of increasing access to Nurse Practitioners across inpatient, outpatient and community settings.

This is a ‘must attend’ for those nurses , managers or health care policy makers and influencers who are looking for their next career challenge, who want to understand the difference between a Nurse Practitioner, CNC or Advanced Practice Nurse, or seeks to improve the health care system in order to meet the challenges of access and chronic disease in the Tasmanian community.


Kerrie has been nursing for the past 40 years in a variety of nursing roles. She is currently co-owner of Cygnet Family Practice Pty. Ltd., a general practice service in Cygnet, Tasmania. She works clinically as a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner and Managing Director. Over the past 5 years, Kerrie has had the unique opportunity to initiate and establish a team-based, patient-centred, holistic health care service. The success of this model of care is the strong focus on the nursing discipline of holistic health care and extensive collaboration with general practitioners, allied health professionals, and the local community.

Kerrie’s passion for nursing and improving care for patients is channeled through her current role as Australian College Nurse Practitioners, Tasmanian Chapter Chair. She is has been lobbying for raised awareness of this advanced nursing role which increases patient access to care, provides leadership to the nursing profession, and improves the provision of health care to the general community.

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