Changing Mental Health Care in Tasmania

Kathryn Gregory1, Adrienne Gibbons2

1Tasmanian Health Services, 2Launceston General Hospital

Mental health care is garnering more attention from Health Services and Governments around the world as the importance of good mental health is recognised. The Tasmanian Government recently announced  major reform to mental health services across Public, Primary Health and Community Managed Sectors. The reforms include establishing Hospital Avoidance Programs, Integrated Hubs and Integrated Suicide Response.

Adie and Kathy will provide an update on the reforms and how they will impact on Tasmanians living with mental health issues.


Kathy Gregory, Program Lead and Executive, Tasmanian Mental Health Reform Program

Kathy is an experienced and committed Mental Health Nurse of more than 30 years.  She has worked in diverse roles that include public, private and community managed organisations across Australia. Kathy attained a Masters in Mental Health 14 years ago, just before she moved to Tasmania from Victoria, and is currently a confirmed Doctor of Health Candidate. Prior to joining the reform team as implementation lead, Kathy worked as the Director of Nursing for Forensic Mental Health, Correctional Primary Health and Alcohol and Drug Services. Kathy is committed to and passionate about being part of an integrated Mental Health System that puts people with lived experience, including families and friends, at the centre of everything we do.

Adrienne Gibbons

Adie is the Clinical Executive Director for Statewide Mental Health Services in Tasmania. Adie trained as a Mental Health Nurse in the UK in the 1980’s. Adie worked clinically for many years in hospital and community based services as well as Forensic services. In 2003 Adie emigrated to Australia and spent 14 years living and working in Perth Western Australia, beginning as a base grade RN on an inpatient ward and working her way through various levels until she became Nurse Director responsible for community and inpatient units. Adie moved to Tasmania in 2017 when she took on the role of Clinical Executive Director.

Adie has always been passionate about mental health nursing, and the role that nurses play in walking the recovery road with consumers. Nurses are uniquely placed to empower, encourage and assist consumers to live their best life possible and should not underestimate the influence they have on not only consumers but also families and friends of consumers.

Adie is honoured to be part of the biggest reform to Tasmanian Mental Health Services in many years.