Looking to leadership excellence

Ms. Erin Mcleod1

1Tasmanian Health Service South, Hobart, Australia


It is well documented that the investment in developing our nurse/midwife leaders is required to ensure high quality patient care and positive outcomes (Fiset, Luciani, Hurtubise & Grant, 2017).

Recognition is given that program pathways both at a local health service level and more formal tertiary pathways have been developed and implemented in leadership within Tasmania, what is not as broadly identified is the way in which these skills and knowledge are translating into practice. Elliot (2016) highlights that much emphasis in terms of leadership development is placed on the individual nurse or midwife, but of equal importance is the emphasis that should be placed on the context of practice and supported given by the organisation. It is an ongoing commitment to sustain an environment to support leadership being enacted, and one of the keys to this success is ongoing development and education pathway at a service level.

Mentoring as an aspect of leadership development is widely regarded within health, so why have we not taken the plunge in THS South? This presentation will explore the development of a structured mentoring program for direct care nurses and midwives within THS South, informed by learnings from a recent international study tour looking at excellence in nursing and midwifery practice. The development of this program reflects a critical look at what best practice leadership development looks like and what role nursing and midwifery clinical education can have in leadership development.

Elliot, N. (2017). Building leadership capacity in advanced nurse practioners – the role of organisational management. Nursing Journal of Management, 25. 77-81.

Fiset, V., Luciani, T., Hurtubise, A. & Grant, T. (2017). Clinical nursing leadership education in long term care. Journal of Gerontological Nursing, 43(4). 49-56.


Erin McLeod is the ADON of Education for THS South. She recently has been the recipient of a Florence Nightingale Grant that has allowed her to pursue her professional of interests in leadership development and clinical based education. She holds a Masters in Clinical Education and Post Graduate Certificate in Health Administration. Working within Practice Development principles Erin most enjoys working with direct care nurses and midwives to make improvements in care outcomes.