LEAP-Leadership Excellence in Periop-Practice

Mrs mary Condon-williams1, MRS Michelle  Kent1

1Ths, Australia


Leadership fosters collaboration among staff and supports a shared governance structure. Evidence  shows that Leaders should continuously increase staffs’ core knowledge and role competency through leadership development activities.

Review of current practice in Perioperative Services at the Royal Hobart Hospital identified the need for nursing leadership development. Staff were asked to suggest subjects that would be considered core professional leadership topics. This feedback was actioned by the Surgical and Perioperative Executive and, in collaboration with the Centre for Education and Research and the Nursing Midwifery Excellence Unit, a leadership development program was designed.

Program applicants were intentionally sought by expressions of interest (EOI) to attract candidates showed personal interest, drive, and commitment to attend full program.

Using the Principles of Practice Development, four interactive workshops were developed to cover topics including culture at an individual and organisational level, change management principles, values-based leadership styles and shared governance decision making. Each of these being supported by improved communication skills for difficult conversations and identification of collaborative skills. The new Leadership Excellence and Perioperative Practice (LEAP) Program was born.

This presentation will describe the process of program development and learning objectives. It will also discuss how the program influenced participants to identify individual learning goals and develop a plan on how they would embed their learnings into practice and work to support group and team collaboration.

The LEAP Program has provided staff with passion, innovation, and desire to implement change through personal development the opportunity to develop new possibilities in Perioperative Nursing.


Mary Condon-Williams , the Nursing Director of Surgical and Perioperative Royal Hobart Hospital since 2016.  Mary is chair of Leadership standard , Pathways to excellence at RHH with a passion to  increase staffs’ core knowledge and role competency through leadership development activities.