Excellence in practice pathway program

Neroli Newlyn, S. Sargent, E. McLeod

Centre for Education and Research, Royal Hobart Hospital


The Centre for Education and Research (CER) aims to deliver a clinical education and research service that promotes excellence in practice within the Tasmanian Health Service (THS) – Southern region to Nurses and Midwives that promotes nursing/midwifery practice to the highest standard.

To monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of all education programs delivered within CER, the Kirkpatrick Model of evaluation has been incorporated into the education and evaluation framework of each program. Based on these changes, the Excellence in Practice Pathway Programs were introduced in 2019 aimed at addressing identified (nursing and midwifery) knowledge deficits within the THS. The Excellence in Practice Pathway Program- Diabetes specifically focusses on medication and inpatient management of diabetes and utilises the Kirkpatrick Framework to evaluate and reflect on participant learning.

The initial evaluation of this three-month education program highlights the effectiveness of utilising reflection in practice and how the four-level process of Action, Learning, Behaviour and Results1 creates, ownership of learning and educational in order to achieve learning outcomes that are measurable for each participant and at an organisational level.

1Smidt, A., Balandin, S., Sigafoos, J. & Reed, V. (2009). The Kirkpatrick model: A useful tool for evaluating training outcomes. Journal of Intellectual & Development Disability, September 34(3): 266-274.


Neroli Newlyn is a Nurse Practitioner in Diabetes working within Diabetes Education at the Royal Hobart Hospital. Her areas of interest include chronic and complex disease management, hospital avoidance programs and models of care which has seen her publish and present work both nationally and internationally.