Collaborative leadership: development of a state-wide Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention Strategy

Ms Annie Wells1, Ms  Dana Gray1

1Public Health Services, Department of Health , Hobart, Australia


Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) are a common complication affecting patients in and out of hospital.  HAIs contribute to morbidity, mortality and excess healthcare expenditure.

The Tasmanian Infection Prevention and Control Advisory Committee (TIPCAC) is a state-wide group whose purpose is to reduce the risk of HAIs in healthcare, and to reduce the risk of infection during public health threats in the community and other settings.

In 2018 TIPCAC committed to develop a state-wide Tasmanian HAI Prevention Strategy.

The strategy was developed collaboratively and informed by the TIPCAC strategic priorities and the results of a statewide survey of senior managers and/or those responsible for the Infection Prevention and Control portfolio in their health service.  The strategy has seven core strategic objectives, each with focus areas, outcome measures and practical examples of success.  Each strategic objective belongs to one or more of the strategy’s three framework pillars: Governance, Surveillance and Education.

The Tasmanian HAI Prevention Strategy demonstrates leadership and provides a strategic perspective of Infection Prevention and Control priorities in Tasmania.  It aims to improve health outcomes of individuals who receive health care in our state and benefit the health and wellbeing of the Tasmanian community.


Annie Wells is the Assistant Director of Nursing, Public Health Services Tasmania where she has worked since 2008 initially as a clinical nurse consultant – infection control.  She has a post graduate Master’s Degree in Advanced Practice (Infection Control & Prevention) and her interests include infection surveillance and support of novice practitioners.  Annie was the 2018 recipient of the Australasian College for Infection Prevention and Control Claire Boardman Medal for leadership in infection prevention and control.

Dana Gray is a Project Nurse, Public Health Services Tasmania where she has worked since January 2019.  She has experience in clinical, education, management and quality roles.  She has a post graduate Master Degree in Business Administration, a Graduate Diploma in Nursing and a Bachelor of Nursing.  Dana is passionate about quality, innovation, learning and promoting positive patient outcomes.