Clinical Midwifery Educator Network (C.M.E.N) – A community of practice. From small things, big things grow!

Mrs Judy Parish1, Ms Yvette Story1, Mrs Megan  Parr1, Mrs Evelyn  Larcombe1, Mrs Deb Clay1, Mrs Mandy Gleeson1, Mrs Andrea Vout1

1Tasmanian Health Service, Hobart/Launceston/North-West Coast, Australia


Tasmanian midwives can achieve better outcomes by sharing resources and strategy. Whilst recognising the regional differences in Tasmania, our goals are very similar.  By communicating regularly, benchmarking, sharing ideas, planning and with co-operation, the THS Clinical Midwifery Educators have achieved significant learning outcomes for health professionals who work with pregnant women in Tasmania.

Significant achievements to date:

  • PROMPT facilitator training in 2015 was our first combined activity. The success of this program as a State-wide initiative showed what could be achieved by working together.
  • Still Aware the roll out and workshops South, North, North West with participants from across the state at all workshops
  • Support of midwifery students through a united approach, all hospital sites
  • The sharing of resources including guideline development, teaching tools.
  • Water immersion for labour and birth workshop offered state-wide
  • The development of the Tasmanian Health Service (THS) Midwifery Education Hub which has enabled midwives across the state to access educational resources and opportunities in one convenient location.
  • The identification of specific clinical skills in perineal repair held by Megan Parr Clinical Midwifery Educator Launceston General Hospital (LGH) – leading to the facilitation of Perineal Suturing workshops in the North, North West and South.


Megan Parr undertook midwifery training in the United Kingdom and has continued to work in midwifery roles since that time.  This includes working in rural GP led units to tertiary units, providing midwifery led care in an MGP model and volunteering as a midwifery educator to support trained birth attendants in a refugee camp the Thai Burma border. Professional qualifications include Master of Midwifery and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Yvette Story who completed her midwifery training also in the UK and has also worked as a midwife in a variety of setting, for example public tertiary referral hospitals, private maternity units to rural and remote setting throughout WA and the NT.

Currently Yvette is a Clinical Midwifery Educator at the RHH and a LINC Coordinator /Clinical Midwifery facilitator for the University of Southern Queensland