An opportunity to be both inspiring and inspired – The Global Nursing Leadership Institute 2019

Ms Catherine Schofield1, Adjunct Professor Shelley Nowlan

1Global Nurse Leader Alumni, International Council of Nurses, Australia, 2Department of Health, Australia, 3Queensland Health, Australia


For the past ten years The International Council of Nurses (ICN) has held a Global Nurse Leaders program in Geneva, Switzerland, the  Global Nursing Leadership Institute (GNLI). Applications are sought from across the world for top nurses and midwives working in leadership roles from a variety of health care settings and in a variety of countries. Only 30 are chosen.  In 2019 both presenters were successful in their application to participate in this flagship program.

Comprising of three modules scholars are afforded an opportunity to work with internationally respected facilitators and speakers, provided with access to on-line policy resources and tailor-made materials and networking opportunities with ICN and other global health institutions and leaders. Throughout the residential program opportunities are created to develop scholars understanding of making and influencing policy, as well as enhance  individual’s capacity to work for better health outcomes.

The presenters would like to share their respective journeys that have resulted from their participation in this program.  Both have been inspired by not only what they learnt and experienced during the residential but what they have collaborated in since returning to Australia and working in intercountry teams to address policy issues related to improving population health and developing the nursing and midwifery professions.  They are also building on developing networks within the Australian GNLITM alumni. Both are passionate believers that nurses and midwives are the power source of our health care services and that nothing works without us.   We are most definitely “inspired for the Future”.


Ms Cat Schofield RN MN G.DipFBS

Ms Cat Schofield is currently working as a clinical advisor to the Minister for Mental Health and Wellbeing, Tasmania.   Previous roles include Clinical Advisor to the Tasmanian Minister for Health, Manager of Tasmania’s first Forensic Mental Health Hospital. With over 40 years’ experience working in delivering health services and involvement in Practice Development since 2006 Cat is known for being a person centred, inclusive & inspirational leader.

Adjunct Professor Shelley Nowlan RN BN MHN G.DipPM FACN GAICD.

Adjunct Professor Shelley Nowlan has held executive leadership roles within Queensland Health and is currently serving as the states Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer in Queensland.  Professor Nowlan has earned a reputation in her 30 plus year career as a people orientated nurse leader who is experienced in clinical innovation, leading strategic planning, government policy and significant nursing workforce commissioning. Through the Chief Nursing and Midwifery Officer position, professorial roles and faculty membership Professor Nowlan’s strong advocacy for nursing and midwifery informs policy development at State and National level for clinical practice innovation, research, curricula and workforce development.