A collaborative approach leads to reinstatement of the On-Campus clinic in 2019

Mrs Kiona Fitzpatrick1, Dr Jane Cooper2, Mr Wayne Frost3

1Tasmanian Health Service, Ulverstone, Australia, 2Don Medical Clinic, Devonport, Australia, 3Cornerstone Youth Services, Devonport , Australia


In 2013 an on-campus clinic was established at a public education institution. It was open to 12 -24 year olds. This was managed by a private general practice clinic, that was unable to continue managing the clinic in late 2018 due to increasing cost and the inability to access any other funds or grants aside from Medicare rebate for consultations. Cornerstone Youth Service were approached to take on the management of the clinic in 2019. Cornerstone manage Headspace in Launceston and Burnie and after collaborations with Primary Health Tasmania were able to access funds under Headspace to support the clinic in 2019.

THS NW has a youth health nurse who is autonomous and mobile and has worked in schools seeing clients for group and individual education and care. The nurse was approached to join the team. Several meetings were conducted with the team including the social worker from the school to discuss the diagnostic analysis of the clinic when managed by the private sector.

Elements of the prior model were incorporated into new model and the clinic re-opened in the second term of the school year. Several meetings were then conducted to analyse the processes and procedures in place bearing in mind both administrative and clinical governance. A new team is evolving and a mutual passion toward creation of a sustainable model is evolving as obstacles and change take place.

This is an exciting new pathway and we hope it will be rolled out in other education institutions throughout Tasmania.


Kiona is a Clinical Nurse Specialist who works as a member of the Primary Health Services, Tasmanian Health Service, NW. Kiona has worked for five years in this role, and prior to that worked at the North West Regional primarily in Paediatrics and also in the Outpatients Department. Kiona has completed and a diploma in Paediatrics, and recently has completed a Diploma in Adolescent Health and Wellbeing via University of Melbourne.