2020 Proceedings

The 2020 Tasmanian Nursing and Midwifery Conference was held on the 20 & 21 February at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart. Below are the plenay and oral presentations that were presented at the conference. Click on the title to view the abstract. Where permission was received the presentation slides are also available linked to the PDF icon.

If you are a presenter and have yet to provide permission for your slides to be shared please email mail@conferencedesign.com.au. No slides will be shared unless permission is received.

Thursday 20 February 2020

0745 Registration | Mezzanine Level
  Opening Session | Grand Ballroom 2 & 3
0830-0840 Welcome to Country 
0840-0845 Welcome from MC – Jenni Pyefinch
0845-0850 UTAS – Gold Sponsor Address
Professor Karen Francis
Keynote Presentations | Grand Ballroom 2 & 3
Chair Jenni Pyefinch
0850-0930 An inspirational journey from a garage to a nation
Nicholas Marchesi
Orange Sky Laundry 
0930-1005 The evolution and where we are now: Palliative care needs rounds resulting in better living and dying in residential aged care
Nikki Johnston
Winner inaugural national Trailblazer Award “INSPIRED TRIAL”
1005-1040 Harvesting the EntrepreNurse
Dr Drew Dwyer
1040-1110 Morning Tea & Exhibition | Mezzanine Level
1110-1300 Workshops
Room Grand Ballroom 1 Grand Ballroom 2 Grand Ballroom 3 Harbour View 1
Asking questions to inform practice and better health outcomes: Building a culture of inquiry
Associate Professor Kathleen Tori, Professor Christine Stirling & Professor Karen Francis
Nurse practitioners transforming healthcare
Kerrie Duggan
Positive ageing and the Gerontological Nurse
Dr Drew Dwyer
Unpacking stigma
Catherine Schofield
1300-1345 Lunch & Exhibition | Mezzanine Level
1345-1520 Concurrent Sessions
Theme Collaboration Research Leadership Innovation
Room Grand Ballroom 1 Grand Ballroom 2 Grand Ballroom 3 Harbour View 1
Chairs Jacob Roberts & Leah Avery Julie Crowe & Russell James Jeanette Kelly & Carolyn Salter Jane Springall & Estelle Allie
1345-1405 Introducing a Post Graduate Emergency Nursing Program in a specialist tertiary hospital
Vanessa Gorman
Personality traits, staff attitudes and their association with absenteeism and presenteeism in public sector hospital nurses in Hobart, Tasmania
Colin Banks
Nurses’ wellbeing during the shift – caring for ourselves
Cathy Smith
Excellence in practice pathway program
Neroli Newlyn
1410-1430 Clinical Midwifery Educator Network (C.M.E.N) – A community of practice. from small things, big things grow!
Yvette Story & Megan Parr
When research doesn’t provide the results you were hoping for, but the learnings are more than you expected
A/Prof. Melanie Greenwood & Dr Karen Ford
Compassion fatigue – do we recognise and address?
A/Prof Karen Linegar
Wound prevention and limb preservation – infinity and beyond
Juliet Scott
1435-1455 Tasmanian Immunisation Strategy 2019-24: A collaborative approach
Fran Tiplady
Growing our own: a survey of midwifery stakeholders ‘experiences of an online midwifery entry to practice program’
Elizabeth Rigg
The privileged nurse – making sure that the nurse’s voice is heard
Giuliana Murfet
Rapid education reboot – innovation for change
Dr Siyan Baxter
1500-1520 Mentoring our early career nurses/midwives – inspire them for the future!!
Sue Hughes
Pathway to Excellence: Small steps on the journey
Gerri O’Rourke
Approaching difficult conversations
Sarah Coulson
Welcome back!
Wendy Mackay & Anne Wallace
1520-1550 Afternoon Tea & Exhibition
Poster Viewing Session (poster presenters to stand by their posters and answer questions)
Keynote Presentations
Room Grand Ballroom 2 & 3
Chair Jenni Pyefinch
1550-1605 Taking a chance!
Erin McLeod
1605-1620 Churchill fellowship
Sam Halliday
Chief Pharmacist and Churchill Fellowship Recipient
1620-1655 The Future of Nursing
Adjunct Professor Kylie Ward 
CEO Australian College of Nursing
1655 Close – Day One
1700-1800 Networking Event – complimentary finger food and drinks (for full registrations; tickets can be purchased for day registrations) | Mezzanine Level

Friday 21 February 2020

0800 Registration | Mezzanine Level
Room Grand Ballroom 2 & 3
0830-0835 Welcome to Day Two from MC – Jane Springall
Keynote Presentations | Grand Ballroom 2 & 3
Chair Jane Springall
0835-0855 Nurses and Midwives: Influencing future healthcare
Kathrine Morgan-Wicks

Secretary Department of Health
0855-0920 Tasmanian Nurses and Midwives Celebrate 2020
Associate Professor Francine Douce
Chief Nurse and Midwife
0920-0955 What is required to strengthen the system and change the way we think and feel?
Adjunct Professor Tanya Farrell
Safer Care Victoria
0955-1030 Growing and supporting the Tasmanian Nursing and Midwifery workforce: a collaborative endeavour 
Professor Karen Francis 

1030-1100 Morning Tea & Exhibition | Mezzanine Level
1100-1235 Concurrent Sessions
Theme Collaboration Research Leadership Innovation
Room Grand Ballroom 1 Grand Ballroom 2 Grand Ballroom 3 Harbour View 1
Chairs Yvette Story & Lynne Staff Carey Mather & Anne Wallace Nancy Arnold & Sue Hughes Damhnat McCann & Kathryn Terry
1100-1120 Journal club: but not as you know it
Fiona Swinton
Staff satisfaction with the RHH Subcutaneous Insulin Chart
Neroli Newlyn
The future of emergency nursing – what the evidence is telling us
Vanessa Gorman
Child and adolescent mental health excellence in practice pathways program
Leah Campbell
1125-1145 “By Heart” – how an art project improved patient and nurse experiences on an acute cardiac ward
Georgia Headley & Jennifer Codee
Impact of dementia educational intervention on attitudes/practices of early career nurses
Helen Gulliver
Evaluation of the novice registered nurse in developing capability in the clinical setting of oncology
Jessica Hammersley
Innovation in nursing: nurse led models of health care are addressing service gaps
Dr Kathleen Tori
1150-1210 Seizing opportunity too good to miss!! Answering a call to action to embed wellness and reablement in community nursing
Linda Proietti Wilson, Jan Coull, Chrissie Williams & Annette Barrett
An examination of influences on women’s mental wellbeing after childbirth in Tasmania: implications for future policy and practice
Sarah Young
Looking to leadership excellence
Erin McLeod
Nurse-led oncology telephone triage service for patients receiving oncology/haematology treatment
Dr Louise Nicholson
1215-1235 Palawa partnering: developing effective partnerships between mainstream and Aboriginal health services
Carol Jackson & Emma Shanahan
Research for practice and practising research
Dr Karen Ford
An opportunity to be both inspiring and inspired – The Global Nursing Leadership Institute 2019
Catherine Schofield & Adjunct Prof. Shelley Nowlan
Supporting carers at end of life – “It’s the little things”
Cathy Smith
1235-1315 Lunch & Exhibition | Mezzanine Level
Room Grand Ballroom 2 & 3
1315-1350 Rapid Fire Sessions
5 minutes per presentation
Chair Gerri O’Rourke
Why cultural visibility matters: journeys from a booth
Jane Springall & Jeanette Kelly
A collaborative approach leads to reinstatement of the On-Campus clinic in 2019
Kiona Fitzpatrick
Innovation through implementation of a bundle of care to reduce risk of infection associated with Peripheral Intravascular Devices in THS North West.
Anne Jong
Collaborative leadership: development of a state-wide Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention Strategy
Annie Wells & Dana Gray
Fast track patients’ satisfaction, compliance and confidence with emergency department discharge planning
Leahanna Stevens
Keynote Presentation | Grand Ballroom 2 & 3
Chair Jane Springall
1350-1430 Changing Mental Health Care in Tasmania
Kathryn Gregory & Adrienne Gibbons
1430-1500 Afternoon Tea & Exhibition | Mezzanine Level
Room Grand Ballroom 2 & 3
  Keynote Presentation
Chair Jane Springall
1500-1545 Equipped, Prepared, Ready – Building acute care Health Emergencies Response workforce
Bronte Martin
National Critical Care and Trauma Response Centre
1545-1600 Closing Session